St. Michael's Conference 2019

The 2019 St. Michael's Liturgical Conference will be, Deo volente, Monday, September 30, 2019. 

The Keynote Presenter for our 2019 conference will be Fr. Roy Axel Coats, Pastor of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Baltimore, Maryland.  His topic will be “Adiaphora and the place of the Enlightenment Church: Its liturgical effect”.  His paper will examine the effect of modernity, especially in the writings of Christian Thomasius, on the liturgy of the church and the resistance to these changes. It will look at how the discussion of adiaphora and the place of the church changed in the early Enlightenment and its effect on the liturgies of the Lutheran churches.

We are also pleased to welcome as presenters:

Fr. Charles McClean, Pastor of Our Savior Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Baltimore, Maryland, who will present on the life and work of Friedrich Lochner;

The Reverend Dr. Frank Pies, Senior Pastor Emeritus of Our Savior Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hartland, Michigan, who will present on the rite, rubrics and ceremony of Private Confession and Absolution;

The Reverend. Dr. Burnell Eckardt, Pastor of St. Paul Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Kewanee, Illinois, who will present on Nestorious and the historical and modern implications of the Nestorian heresy.

Preaching at the Solemn Mass on the Commemoration of St. Jerome will be the Reverend Dr. David Petersen, Senior Pastor of Redeemer Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

All the presenters, the preacher, and Gottesdienst editors in attendance will participate in a Panel Discussion of the topics presented, and answer questions from the attendees.

 An organ recital by Zion's Cantor, Miss Emily Solomon, will be featured in the afternoon.

Conference information and registration forms will be mailed in late July.  For information before then, contact Fr. Braden or the Zion Church office.